criticizing the Narcissist

by imnotyourfavoritepossession

She managed to yell at my daughter before school today. She was brushing my daughter’s teeth (yeah, she does that; she is permissive and doesn’t follow through on anything with the kids, unless she does it for my benefit; it’s as if she doesn’t really care and her parenting is only for show) and my daughter said ‘Ow!’ Big mistake. Rule number one around here is never, ever criticize mommy, expressly or implicitly, for any reason. Not unless you want to get your head handed to you. It quickly became my daughter’s fault for “always standing too far away! You’re the one hurting me!!!

When she left each of her last two jobs, I had strong suspicions that the main factor in her leaving was her boss’s criticism. Still, there was nothing I could do. It all happened at work, so I had to take her word for it. As she became more and more unhappy, I told her to follow her heart, that I would never ask her to be miserable.

I’m not optimistic about her long-term career prognosis. This behavior is going to catch up with her someday.