When you try to talk to them…

by imnotyourfavoritepossession

The last time I expressed unhappiness in my marriage, her boss sent her home from work for inappropriate workplace behavior. (Uncontrolled sobbing, I guess.) Or at least that’s what she said. I never checked with her boss or coworkers to see if this actually happened. Maybe she just took the day off. Whatever the case, the message was received: if you call me on any of my stuff, I won’t be able to work and our lives will be ruined.

She has expressed the opinion that the only cause for marital discord is an affair. When called out on any of her selfish or abusive behavior, she starts rifling through my blogs and emails, searching for ‘the other woman.’ She subtly reminds me from time to time that she has the know-how to kill without being discovered. She has called me a whore more than once (in front of our daughter). She has referred to all of my female friends as ‘your whores.’  She has tried to cut off all of my contact with the outside world, or at least put out feelers to see if it would be possible. I’ve always made it clear that will never happen. But in the meanwhile, haven’t I subconsciously absorbed the mind-washing, changing my behaviors to be more in line with her desires?

She threatened the woman I had an affair with to kill her in front of her children. I’m not supposed to know that. I wonder if that statute of limitations has run out on prosecuting that threat? I wonder if she’d be willing to testify, if called upon?