Stranger in a strange land

by imnotyourfavoritepossession

You wake up one day and everything is different. Your spouse is not the person you thought they were. You’re life isn’t what you thought it was. Most importantly, when you finally admit to yourself that you are a victim of abuse, it feels like YOU are no longer the person you thought you were.

It’s unsettling and confusing.

The moment that you admit this, though, that you have been a victim of abuse, that the person you love and trust has been a willing and malicious abuser, is the moment that you are not a victim any more.

Though the world might seem new and strange and the future uncertain and frightening, at the same time that newness and uncertainty is a breath of fresh air. The world is full of new hope and new possibilities. You begin to feel parts of your soul stir to life that had been gone for so long that you’d forgotten they were ever there. That is one of the best feelings in the world and a sure sign you’re on to something.